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Comfort and customer satisfaction are the main goals of our business. We have been producing reflective paints for several years and this process is accompanied by passion and attention to detail at every stage of the process.

A brilliant combination of innovation and craftsmanship has enabled us to create a completely new type of paint that has found a very practical application both among individual clients and in industry.

Thanks to the unique technological thought and efficient distribution, our products are used by customers around the world.

The main applications of HELIO reflective paints are:

  • Effective sealing of flats, houses and other building structures in terms of heat giving up to 40% thermal savings.
  • Insulation and leveling of thermal bridges in hard to reach places
  • High level of heat radiation reflection, counteracting heating of the roof surface, allowing to reduce the attic temperature even to 7 * C.
  • High anti-condensation property protecting against moisture, mold or fungi.
  • High flexibility eliminating cracks in coatings and surfaces of buildings.
  • We sow curiosity on the market, and collect fruit in the form of the reliability of our products.


The HELIO product group is:

  • Saving!
  • Comfort!
  • Satisfaction!
  • Reliability!


Why us

What makes our products different?

Environmental protection

Freezing effect reduction from 45%


Easy to apply

Prevention of condensation

Noise insulation performance 1 m – 2 db

Redukuje poziom hałasu podczas deszczu

Ability to achieve any colour (base for colours)

Level of reflection 85-90%

Savings in energy consumption 30%

Very high resistance to external factors


Temperature range -50°C +250°C

Wall dryin

Wall breathing  

product presentation



Our products

-10° C +60° C

Helio House

The paint improves heat distribution indoors, changing the temperature by 5-6°C with identical heating or cooling parameters. In standard conditions, the distribution of heat in a room heated by a heater is usually done using convection.

-50° C +150° C

Helio Everywhere

The compound improves heat distribution inside a room, changing the temperature by 5-6°C with identical heating or cooling parameters.



-50° C +250° C

Helio Industry Gray

In the industry sector, it is possible to insulate heat-emitting and transmission devices by applying the heat reflective compound with a thickness of as little as 2 mm (the thickness of the coat is dependent on the application temperature).

-50° C +150° C

Helio Roof

By reflecting radiation of all kinds, including infrared and UV radiation, the compound prevents the roof surface from overheating, while the product’s flexible structure gives it sealing qualities allows for their further use.



Certificates needed

Certyfikat Higieniczny

Hygienic certificate

Гигиенический сертификат


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phone: +48 537 444 653

Inquiries should be submitted to info@helio.com.pl or to your sales representative.

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